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Chinese Letter Grid Template

I’ve started to learn Chinese. So far, its focus on tones and consistent logic of its grammar make it fun to learn.

After a few weeks of getting acquainted with the basics of the language, it makes sense for me to branch out from solely memorizing words and tones using Pinyin to writing characters.

Since I’m primarily using my Onyx Boox eInk tablet to practice writing Hànzì, I wanted to have a template that allows me to:

Surprisingly, I haven’t found a template that’s structured like that, at least not for free and without obnoxious watermarks.

So I made one quickly myself. If you’re learning writing Chinese characters, this might be useful for you, too. It’s in A5 portrait format, for free and without watermarks.

You can download it here.

A thumbnail of the Chinese letter grid template available for download
A thumbnail of the template